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Debt surveillance


Debt surveillance is an alternative method, designed for a group of Clients who (due to various reasons) are not interested in selling their debts.

Representing „matey” attitude to the debtor during the whole process of receivables management we represent the belief that payment of debt is his duty and recovery of receivables is a basic right of our Client. On the other hand, we know that it is often difficult and sometimes even impossible – and it is not because of ill will of the debtor.

That is why for debts which were not repaid during pre-legal collection or those which were not recovered by means of debt enforcement proceedings, we offer a debt surveillance service.

The purposefulness of this service and its effectiveness is based on an assumption that along with passed time a financial status of the debtor changes (improves), along with his willingness to repay his debts. The debtor is also aware of the fact that even very old debts were not forgotten and the creditor is very consistent and determined to recover his receivables. Along with financial effect, this service serves also an educational role -very important from the creditor’s business point of view.