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Our Services

By specializing in credit management services, Altus RMS helps its Clients to recover their debts, while ensuring their good name and

proper relations with customers. Caring about Client’s image is a key element of our strategy, as we are aware of the importance of not only winning, but also keeping the customer.

By placing Clients in the centre of our business strategy, we offer them broad scope of services, which range and configuration is each time adjusted to their individual needs.

We meet them halfway, using many different tools and collection techniques, such as telephone negotiations, text and voice messages, electronic mail, dunning letters and direct contact with debtors.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by many years of experience of the management group in the area of debt collection.We take great care to ensure that both technical aspects and the assistance methods fully

correspond with the expectations of our customers.

We are constantly expanding our services in order to meet new trends, changing market conditions and our Customers needs.