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The offer of Altus RMS is supplemented by advisory and auditing services within the scope of financial risk, rendered by Altus Consulting & Audit, as well as the extensive legal services.

Altus Risk Management EN Services


Altus Risk Management Services is a company rendering complex credit management services. We offer our Clients a broad scope of products used in the process of debt recovery, starting from monitoring and pre-legal collection, through debt surveillance, debt purchase and complex legal services.

In our work we apply the newest technological solutions, knowledge and years of experience in rendering credit management services, constantly raising qualifications of our employees and carefully supervising internal processes within the company. Basic element of our business strategy, and at the same time a leading principle on which we base cooperation with our Clients, is the quality of our services. It is exemplified not only in effectiveness of our actions, but also concern about maintaining good business relations with our Clients and their debtors. This is why we do our best to ensure that our actions are always compliant with binding business ethics and that our Clients know that we put special emphasis on caring of their good name.

We believe that by running a company based on these principles we created solid foundations for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our Clients.

Altus Consulting & Audit


The Altus RMS offer is complemented by consulting and audit services in the field of financial risk, provided by Altus Consulting& Audit, by the acquisition of debt portfolios performed by Altus Debt Finance and by the full range of legal services offered by our partner law firm.

Altus Debt Finance


Altus Debt Finance is a typical special purpose vehicle, established to perform acquisitions of debt portfolios, both from the Clients of our Group and from external companies or institutions. We are interested in the acquisition of portfolios of receivables from both individuals and businesses, ranging in size from several hundred to several thousand items.